Warriors” is a painting by Gunaikurnai artist Brad Brown.

In the artists’ words:

The design of the artwork is of Gunaikurnai Country.

The painting represents fighting back against adversity, such as sickness, addiction, mental illness etc., and taking your authority back to be a healthy, happy and strong mob!

The colours represent the landscape and healing.

The gum tree is the borders of Gunaikurnai Country.

The wren bird flying with five gum leaves depicts the five territories of Gunaikurnai land.

And there is a spear and shield, and meeting place, with the symbol for man and woman within the design of the bird, representing fighting back and rising above.

The water design at the bottom reflects Ninety Mile Beach and the river system

in country.

At the bottom is the root system of the gumtree, and there are leaf designs and seed within the artwork.

At the top is the sun, that blends with the sky to depict the Aboriginal flag.

And the fire colour at the bottom represents cleansing, burning away everything that gets us down, and having a fiery passion for life.