The Targeted Care Package (TCP) program aims to support and empower families and carers to provide the child or young person a home-like environment that provides stability, safety and a healthy lifestyle through an individualised package.

The program is for Aboriginal children/young people who are living in residential care or who are at risk of entering residential care.

A key worker is allocated to each child/family that receives a package.

The key worker will work closely with the family/caregivers to facilitate changes that support the achievement of the child’s case plan.

The key worker will carry out duties that will support the child, placement and family in accordance with the case plan and individualised plan these include but are not limited to

  • facilitating care team meetings
  • transport to medical appointments
  • providing intense support to ensure goals are met

For more information

Referral is through Department of Families Fairness and Housing.

To learn more, call GEGAC main reception on 5150 0700 and ask about Targeted Care Packages.