GEGAC’s maintenance team consists of maintenance workers and general cleaners.  

The role of the maintenance crew is to complete any works around GEGAC’s properties from lawn & garden maintenance to repairs of properties, buildings or equipment. Work that requires external contractors is also organised by the maintenance team.

Our maintenance workers also service some of our HACC clients with lawns and rubbish removal.  

Our cleaners service most of our GEGAC office buildings on a regular schedule.

All involved with GEGAC maintenance and cleaning do a fantastic job around the place and there is a great sense of pride in the work they do each day.  

The Team

Adrian Morgan – Property and Maintenance Manager

Graham Hubbard – Maintenance Team Leader

Willy Hood – Maintenance Worker

Ivan Hood – Maintenance Worker

Jarrod Cooper – Maintenance Worker

Corinna Harrison – Maintenance Worker

Jackie Ritchie – Cleaner

Aaron Hanuera – Cleaner

Toni Harrison – Cleaner

Michelle Fox – Cleaner