The Cultural Support Plan (CSP) program aims to strengthen a child’s cultural identity while implementing supports that help to enable connection to family, community and culture.

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who are involved in the Out of Home Care system are eligible for a cultural support plan.

The development of a meaningful Cultural Support Plan helps to establish and maintain a child’s identity.

The allocated Cultural Support Plan worker will liaise with family, child protection services, agency staff and any other person relevant to the child and their journey.

They will attend the child’s care team and provide advice on how to support the child in a cultural appropriate way.

The worker will support the development of an informative and meaningful Cultural Support Plan, and they will seek endorsement of the plan from the CEO.

To learn more

Access to this service is through referral from the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, or the child’s contracted case manager.

To learn more, call GEGAC main reception on 5150 0700 and ask about Cultural Support Planning.