Operation Hours: 9AM to 5PM Monday – Friday Closed Holidays and Weekends

Contact Us: Phone: 5150 0766 Fax: 5152 4859

Dental Team

Dental Co-Ordinator -Joshua Tuiono

Senior Dentist – Dr. Karthi Murugesan

Dentist – Dr. Sash Karthi

Dental Assistant Trainee – Destiny Harrison

Dental Assistant – Judy-Ann Alexander

Dental Assistant – Claudia Hodge


-Mouth Guards

-Root Canals

-Scale and Cleans






Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander are provided with free Dental Services

Non- Indigenous Health Care Card Holders- $30

Non- Indigenous Staff Members and Community Members without Health Care Card- $50

Your privacy and confidentiality is very important to us. Your health records are all electronic and only authorized staff
members have access to them, if you feel your privacy or confidentiality has been breached, please contact the Practice Manager immediately.