Important Information

Suicide Prevention/Mental Health Awareness: GEGAC – You Can Talk To Me!

Please note the following video discusses suicide and the impacts it has on families and loved ones which may cause distress.

We are becoming more accepting and understanding of mental health and the impacts it has on people and our community which is a great thing as we are removing the stigma which is attached.
One thing though that we still have a stigma with is suicide, including the impacts on families, communities and loved ones.

It is this stigma which at times stops people from seeking help or even just talking to someone and this is why GEGAC has developed this video to let people know that there is no shame in talking up.
There are a number of resources available for families and those who are having suicidal thoughts.

GEGAC would like to thank the families and individuals who have shared their stories and acknowledges the courage and strength to do so. Without these people we will not be able to start having the conversation and letting people know what help and assistance is available.

If this video has caused you distress or concern please reach out to your local ACCO or one of the services mentioned at the end of the video.