By Troy Brown

Well, that comes to an end of the 2023 VACSAL Senior Football and Netball Carnival.

First of all, we would love to thank VACSAL for the amazing tournaments they host every year.

The tournament was in Torquay this year.

These tournaments mean so much more than football and netball games.

These carnivals bring mob together.

It ticks off things off our bucket lists such as getting generations together to play a game, whether that be father and sons playing, mother and daughters or uncles and aunties playing with their nieces and nephews.

It means so much more for our families and mobs to be able to get together for a weekend that consists of having fun and competing.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to other organizations that help in any way possible.

East Gippsland had five teams entering the carnival.

  • C grade netball – East Gippy girls
  • B grade netball – East Gippy girls
  • Division 2 football – Bairnsdale Brothers
  • Division 2 football – East Gippsland All Blacks
  • C grade Netball – East Gippsland All Blacks

There were some great results with the East Gippy Girls B grade team winning the whole carnival, and the Bairnsdale Brothers making the Division 2 semifinals.

It’s so good to not only put teams into the carnival but also to exceed expectations and kill it out there and get great results.

We would like to thank everyone who chipped in to make this carnival happen, from coaches to players to volunteers – it was truly special.

It was such a great weekend apart from the fact that we all now have sore bodies!!!!

Don’t forget to ice up if you haven’t already, and we can’t wait for more carnivals to come in the future.

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