“There is a feeling of pride I have in myself right now, that I don’t think I’ve had before.”

To hear Kanisha Hood talk about where she is at in her life at this moment is to be reminded that with a little bit of ambition and a lot of commitment, the world is your oyster.

Kanisha is well known in Community – her family connections run deep in this area, and since joining GEGAC through our Academy program last year she’s quickly become a popular and well-respected staff member.

The reason for Kanisha’s sense of pride is that she recently completed a Certificate III in Information Technology through the Chisholm Institute, an educational attainment that continues to brighten and expand her career opportunities now, and into the future.

“It was hard,” Kanisha admits. “I hadn’t done any schooling for 3 or 4 years, and getting back into doing study was very hard.”

But, she says, Chisholm provided her with excellent support, and helped her push through when she felt she was struggling to do the work.

“It was very rewarding. I’ve achieved something I thought I wouldn’t achieve.”

Kanisha Hood

“At the start I fell behind, but my trainer was very supportive,” Kanisha said. “We’d have regular check-ups, and if I had any problems with anything I’d email her. It was good.”

That the study was difficult probably contributes to that sense of pride Kanisha feels now.

“It was very rewarding,” she said. “I’ve achieved something I thought I wouldn’t achieve.”

You only have to yarn with Kanisha for a bit to realise she obviously cares deeply about her community, and GEGAC, and that she feels strongly her connection to the history she’s a part of.

You don’t get that with very many people as young as she is.

So, what does this new qualification mean for her future?

“I’m pretty happy where I am right now,” she said.

That’s excellent to hear. We’re very happy where Kanisha is right now, too.

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