By Troy Brown

Congratulations to our Julie Dennison down over at Finance, who took home the number one spot in the GEGAC footy tipping comp for the 2023 season.

Julie grew up a Western Bulldogs supporter, because of her dad, and she followed in his footsteps.

If you didn’t know, Julie had taken leave to go on a holiday to Europe for 6 whole weeks during the season.

This meant that she couldn’t do her footy tipping for 6 straight weeks whilst being over in Europe.

So, she had to come up with a different way to go about her tipping.

Julie decided that she would do her tipping in advance so that she could keep participating in the competition.

Julie beat out Martin Clive-Griffin in 2nd place and Ann-Marie Morgan in 3rd.

At the other end of the ladder, Sarah Baxter won the wooden spoon.

Well done to Julie on a great tipping season.

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