Destiny Harrison with family and GEGAC colleagues at RMIT’s Awards Night last month.

By Troy Brown

GEGAC’s Destiny Harrison has been named RMIT University’s Indigenous Student of The Year.

Destiny, who is a Dental Assistant at our Brabuwooloong Dental Clinic, went down to the Capitol building at RMIT for an award ceremony on October 23.

The Indigenous Student of The Year award recognizes the excellence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and celebrates a student that shines through their studies and contributes to their community.

Destiny said she was grateful to have some of her family and GEGAC colleagues alongside her for the award presentation.

“I didn’t realize how big the award was until I received it,” she said.

Her experience with the Certificate III in Dental Assisting she completed at RMIT was definitely not an easy one, as she had to do the course again after not completing it her first attempt.

“It was such a challenge going back there for the second year-round and doing it all over again,” she said.

But through strength and resilience, Destiny overcame it and strongly marched through to the finish line.

Destiny encourages all of us, “no matter how big or small your obstacle is, make sure you keep at it and overcome it.”

One of the highlights of the night for Destiny was having her two younger brothers there, as well as her Dental team and family to support her during the night.

“I felt on top of the world.”

Congratulations, Destiny, from everyone here at GEGAC.

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