Two ACHL staff people at Buchan Caves.

Aboriginal Community Housing Limited CEO Stacey Broadbent and Relationship Manager Sarah-Jane Booth at Buchan Caves Reserve earlier this month. Photo: Troy Brown/GEGAC

By Troy Brown

Earlier this month, GEGAC representatives took staff from Aboriginal Community Housing Limited (ACHL) out on country.

GEGAC’s Luke Strickland, Keshia Harrison and Troy Brown had the privilege to show ACHL CEO Stacey Broadbent and ACHL Relationship Manager Sarah-Jane Booth our wonderful country, from the waterways out at Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust to the caves at Buchan.

The ACHL staff also had a great tour of the Krowathunkooloong Keeping Place by Cultural Business Coordinator Rob Hudson, where he explained and showed our profound culture and history that is on display at the Keeping Place.

So, you may be wondering what is ACHL?

ACHL is an independent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community housing organisation, which manages housing developments and provides culturally appropriate housing services.

ACHL currently operates in New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

In their communities in those states, ACHL plays a role in providing new housing infrastructure, and employment and community development programs.

Why did ACHL visit East Gippsland?

ACHL’s website states that it hopes to expand its presence beyond the three states in which it currently operates.

Stacey said that ACHL had been visiting regional areas across Victoria, meeting with Aboriginal organisations and communities, and gauging the demand for their services in those communities.

“Through our visits to different countries and nations, and conversations with communities, there appears to be a need and clear demand for more social and affordable housing within Gippsland and East Gippsland.”

“Given this, ACHL is in discussions with local Aboriginal communities, as we seek to expand and establish the organisation within the region, to ensure we can work with and serve the Gippsland community.”

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